Marketing Copy: Tips On How To Create Good Copy

SO, you have a marketing plan. You know your target group. You’ve understood your product’s most desirable feature and still- you’re unable to put pen to paper. Why? Because you’re experiencing copy-writer’s block! Why? Because all those darn good ads out there are making you feel THIS small.

Well, fear no more. We’re here to help. Even if it’s just a little. Here are some awesome tips to help you write some good ad copy for your website, SEM ads, and marketing collateral.

Tip #1: Think like your customer- not like you’re the business owner.
Write copy that your customer can relate to. Perhaps, your copy-writing will transport them to a far away location if you’re a travel agent, or you are presenting the possibility of a memory being created in the future. OR- you are simply telling them how much easier their lives will become if they use what you have to offer.

Tip #2: Use HIT and CATCHY phrases. You may think you’ve seen them a hundred times- so they’re not effective. Say things like SAVE money, DISCOUNT offer, New and Improved!
These things do matter to people. And as long as you’re not trying to dupe them- go for it! And with confidence.

Tip # 3: Use compelling imagery. Now, you’re thinking- this article should be all about copy, why are they talking about imagery? Well- because copy-writing is about visualizing the entire experience that your consumer is going to experience when they see your ad. This includes imagery.
Trust us, if you had something amazing to say- but had a completely Un-related image next it, that was low-resolution or simply tacky- it will not work!