Can I Guarantee Quality Education For My Kid(s) At International School Bangkok?

Every parent wants their kid(s) to have the best education as it is the best legacy. But alas! Education is expensive!

It is even more expensive when your kid is from a different background and trying to blend in with the present environment.

Expats who happen to be in Bangkok always have a means of worry because there are several international schools to choose from in the city. When you have a sea of choices, picking one becomes a real problem. However, with proper research and a little patience, you can find one that suits you and your kid.


Do You Need Reliable Chartered Accountants in Auckland?

An organization without proper accounting will only head for the rocks. That is why the importance of hiring reliable chartered accountants to tackle the accounting needs of your business cannot be overemphasized.

Every businessman wants to focus on expanding their business and making a profit without worrying about Inland Revenue coming at him/her. That is when it is important to have reliable chartered accountants by your side.


Is Thailand An Ideal Place To Setup A Business?

Thailand achieves great success in business in the past – and it continues today. You have a high rate in the tourism business in the country due to the high number of tourists coming each year. Thailand has a rich ecosystem according to a current report of the Bangkok Entrepreneurs. This is ideal for producing and selling goods.

You also have successful businesses that happened in Thailand. A few of these businesses are the Agoda, a hotel company, and the Malaysian iProperty. However, are these enough to convince business owners to start their businesses in Thailand?


Making your child’s future bright at an International School Thailand

If you move to Thailand with children, it means you need to find a school. A popular choice today is a true international school Thailand; a place where children learn to be upright mature adults, taking their proud place in their community and the world. KIS provides children from as young as 3, stepping into a classroom for their first time ever, up to the graduates heading off to study at university; equipped with the right tools to become life-long successful learners and thinkers; responsible happy global citizens.



Tips for Finding the Best International School in Thailand

Over the past few years, the trend of sending children to an International school in Thailand has gained immense popularity among Thai families and expats alike. For many expats, it is the best option considering the fact International schools in Thailand follow the same curricula taught in many Western countries and also adhere to the same international standards of education. Thai families who can easy afford the cost of education of sending their children to international schools also prefer these schools over the public or private Thai schools. 


Ergo Agency Shortlisted by Silicon India for Top 25 Web Development & Design companies in New Delhi.

Annual list showcases 25 most promising web design and development companies focused on offering enhanced solutions; Ergo Agency makes it to the list for its innovation in digital marketplace and bridging the gap between design, messaging, marketing and technology.

New Delhi, March 2014: SiliconIndia has chosen Ergo Agency, for Top 25 Web Development & Design companies in New Delhi, an annual listing of 25 most promising companies offering solutions in web development and design.


What An Agency Needs To Know About You To Be Able To Design/Redesign Your Website

When you contact an agency to ask for a design quote- don’t expect them to simply churn something over without asking a bunch of questions. The ones that do send over the quote without this stop- drop them like a hot potato!

Here are 3 questions agencies should at-least be asking you before they send over a quote to you:


Marketing Is All About Telling A Story…Your Story!

Often times, we get caught wearing our marketing hats when it comes to telling people who we really are. We want to use words like “cutting edge” and “one and only” and “the best” and “no-one else does it better”…

While we may believe the above to be true- we tend to represent ourselves in a “boxed-in”, trapped and unoriginal way. Mostly because we don’t know any better.


A Lie Exposed – Digital Marketing In India

They’re growing by the dozen. These “Digital Agencies” that claim they know digital marketing. And we’re worried about that- for your sake. You see, lots of businesses are learning a fraction of “something” digital and claiming that they are digital know-it-alls. And clients are hiring them by the dozen and getting burned badly for doing it.  So here’s a little advice for you- mostly to take and not leave- when you are looking for the right digital agency in India.