Marketing Is All About Telling A Story…Your Story!

Often times, we get caught wearing our marketing hats when it comes to telling people who we really are. We want to use words like “cutting edge” and “one and only” and “the best” and “no-one else does it better”…

While we may believe the above to be true- we tend to represent ourselves in a “boxed-in”, trapped and unoriginal way. Mostly because we don’t know any better.

Here are a few tips on how to write about your STORY without the marketing fluff. Because there is one thing we have learned- with the world of blogs, vlogs, social media and everything in between- people seek people who are genuine. People seek genuine interactions, genuine transactions, genuine brands to be genuinely loyal to.
Tip #1: Write about your company as though you’re writing about someone else. Use simple words, state plain facts and write about their beginnings. This will allow you to separate yourself from turning into the eager “ad guy” and simply remaining true to the story of your company.
Tip # 2: Derive nuts and bolts from the above exercise. Say you wrote “After cooking successful meals for guests at home- Sheila was approached by one of her friends to help her cater for a party that she was throwing. That was in 2003. So many people liked her cooking that they too, wanted Sheila to cook for them”. To turn this into marketing copy you could say “With talent that spread wide and fast- Sheila’s home-cooking has quadrupled in the last 11 years! See Reviews here….”
Tip # 3: Always end with a Call to Action. NO marketing copy should be without this. Things like “Call Now”, “See Here”, “Visit Site”, are incredibly important- but often overlooked marketing tactics.

We hope the above will help you form a better understanding of how to develop marketing copy for your brand or your clients. If you have any questions, please contact