What In The World Are Vines And How Can You Use Vine’s For Your Business?

Let’s face it- there’s no catching up to Digital Social Media these days. It seems like every day, there is a platform popping up every 2 weeks and before you can catch your breath to get your creative juices flowing, you have to learn about something else that’s out on the market.

Vine, Twitter’s off-spring video application- is essentially a 6 second video that you can post on Twitter that loops over and over. Why is this all the craze? Well, it’s been around since last year- and unless you’ve been sitting under a rock or hiking up Mount “insert any mountain here”- you’ll have definitely seen a vine or two that has made you laugh out loud, literally. 

Are you noticing a theme here? Short, catchy, quirky, funny. But the chances of the going viral are MUCH higher and that’s always a plus!

Here are some tips to create some great vines:

1. Treat it like a real script. Think about what you are going to record: your message, your “set”, your cast, your wardrobe and most importantly your script

2. Practice, practice, practice! Not only will you want to practice, you will also have to learn the Vine app, edit videos through it, and of course record as well.

3. Keep hashtags in play. It is VERY important to keep your hashtags clear, and relevant to your brand and also the video. THis is Twitter after all and Twittospehere LOVEs their hashtags.

4. Most importantly- have genuine fun! People can sniff out produced, in-genuine work.

So…see you on Vine then?