A Lie Exposed – Digital Marketing In India

They’re growing by the dozen. These “Digital Agencies” that claim they know digital marketing. And we’re worried about that- for your sake. You see, lots of businesses are learning a fraction of “something” digital and claiming that they are digital know-it-alls. And clients are hiring them by the dozen and getting burned badly for doing it.  So here’s a little advice for you- mostly to take and not leave- when you are looking for the right digital agency in India.

You see, looking for a real digital agency is a difficult task. Obtaining the right agency that suits your requirements and understands “digital marketing” is what your focus should be. In this historic period of digital boom, there are lots of companies which range from startups, mid-level agencies and the well-established ones. They are all fighting tooth and nail for your business. We think you should review them all. Not just the big and not just the small ones.

Here are a few parameters which can help you find the right agency.

1.       Look at the agency’s work. This way you will acquire a feel if there is an innovation in their work or not.

2.       Gain insights from the clients they have dealt with.

3.       Never judge an agency by the team size. Many starts up are small and have a team size of five to ten, but even then, don’t think they will not be able to manage your work. Always learn to evaluate the quality of work exhibited before you.

4.       Money should never be a priority. A good agency never focuses on money. They are always worried about the success of your business.

5.       Fulfilling relationships, ease of communication. How do they communicate with you? How easily do they understand your business ideas and goals? Having a sound rapport with an agency is very important.

History of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing was a term first coined in the 1990s, following the start of the Internet era. In the late 90s, arrival of the “digital universe” had become an integral component of establishing and sustaining a successful business enterprise. Since then, we have come a long way. In today’s era, brands are getting increasingly “digital marketing savvy” day by day and are investing heavily in their online marketing. They realize the importance of being able to convert web-users into happy and educated clients. New technological innovations and popular rise of social media has made Digital Marketing a must for these brands. In order to meet this growing demand, brands hire “Digital Agencies”. Over the last 6 months we have witnessed an explosion of so named “Digital Agencies” in India. These digital agencies are evaluated by the degree of their serviceability. Many such agencies find it exceedingly hard to cope with this growing pressure. They are constantly struggling to employ staff with differentiated skill sets to be able to scale up with brands’ escalating needs. These are full of new grads who have used Facebook over the last few years. They are today calling themselves digital marketers.

So, take time in looking for the right agency. See their site, view their work, visit and interchange ideas with them.

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